Mac vpn setup 10-8

mac vpn setup 10-8

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How To Setup OpenVPN (tunnelblick) on macOS Mac OS X
I have somewhat of an odd setup for a VPN server with OS X Mountain Lion. It's essentially being used as a bridge to bypass my company's. Hello, My home network is / I connect to a VPN at work and sets 10/8 to go out ppp0 which does not allow me to do anything within my own home. I am running dhcp on my router (zyxel usg ), while the mac mini, which runs the vpn server, does not run firewall not nat. this same setup.
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Show more Less. I've had situations where I can connect to a VPN from my Mac, but various networking situations cause routing conflicts. For example if both the remote and local networks share the You'll have to troubleshoot bandwidth issues. Dec 30, PM in response to Elementjj.