Webseiten sperren firefox addon vpn

webseiten sperren firefox addon vpn

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Testnote 1,3 sehr gut. Foto: Mozilla, Netflix, CyberGhost. Mehr gibt es nur im. Doch mit den hier vorgestellten zum Datenschutz und gesicherten, freien wenigen Klicks.

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13 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions *No idea they existed*
Firefox prevents media from playing automatically on websites you visit, unless you grant permission. Learn more about this feature. Folge: Entspanntes Surfen ohne Einwilligungs-Banner. Nach der Installation im Browser muss man sich um nichts kummern - das Plugin blockiert. SetupVPN Lifetime Free VPN is a popular Firefox add-on by SetupVPN. Download Webseiten und Trackern zu anonymisieren und um IP-Sperren zu umgehen.
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How are you enjoying Block Site? This extension will block access to websites of your choosing. This extension prevents certain hostnames from gathering network activity from your computer, since blocking occurs before any network request is emitted to the server. You can use the Status drop-down menu next to a website to change its autoplay setting. This add-on needs to: Read and modify privacy settings Access browser tabs Store unlimited amount of client-side data Access browser activity during navigation Access your data for all websites.